21 Top Uses For Epsom Salt

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21 Top Uses For Epsom Salt
21 Top Uses For Epsom Salt. Image – WellnessMama.com (with permission)

Epsom Salt is the popular name for magnesium sulphate, a natural mineral that occurs in pure form in many places in the earth’s crust. Epsom salt has numerous therapeutic uses and has been valued in medicine since old times. It is very commonly used as a bath salt, and is also taken internally to treat numerous conditions. It is also present in some mineral waters and is considered valuable by both orthodox and alternative health professionals.

Magnesium is regarded by scientists as essential to life, playing a fundamental part in living cells – and a surprisingly large proportion of people do not get enough magnesium: 57% of the US population does not meet the US RDA for dietary magnesium intake!

This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are magnesium deficient – and the magnesium level will be maintained by the kidneys where possible. The perfect calcium – magnesium ratio is disputed, however it is generally agreed that the proportion of these elements in most people’s intake is skewed towards too much calcium and too little magnesium.

Symptoms and effects of magnesium deficiency (depending on severity) can include: Hyperexcitability, dizziness, muscle cramps, muscle weakness, fatigue, hypocalcemia, low serum potassium levels (hypokalemia), retention of sodium, low circulating levels of parathyroid hormone (PTH), neurological and muscular symptoms (tremor, muscle spasms, tetany), loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, personality changes, irregular heartbeat and even death from heart failure.

You can have your levels of magnesium checked by a doctor and you can ask for this next time you have a check up or if you have the above symptoms.

Rich food sources of magnesium include leafy green vegetables, pumpkin seeds, brazil nuts, sesame seeds, almonds, wheat bran, cashew, soybeans, cilantro, sage, spearmint, chives, brown rice and bananas.

Epsom salt, when dissolved in water, may be absorbed by the skin – and this may be one of the benefits of use of either epsom salt baths or magnesium oil. (Note – check out the link about magnesium oil also… of all the posts I have ever made on this blog, that was the one which had the most comments reporting amazing cures!) Epsom salt is good stuff.

Ready for the 21 uses of epsom salt? Here is the link to the full list:


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19 thoughts on “21 Top Uses For Epsom Salt

  1. Thanks for the information on Epsom Salts… interested in magnesium as a supplement and had no idea Epsom Salts was one and the same. You and Wellness Mama help keep people amazingly well informed. Good for Citrus trees I hear also.

  2. One thing to know about magnesium supplements–probably doesn’t apply to epsom salts, as this is absorbed thru the skin–is that it can give you diarrhea if enough is taken. This is a form of what they give you prior to colonoscopy! I have found a product that is easily absorbed and has a far less chance of causing this problem. It’s called neuro-mag, and it’s marketed by Life Extension. I’m not affiliated with this group at all; I just want to spread the word on a good product. By the way, I know I’m low in magnesium when my calf muscles get very tight, and no amount of stretching seems to relieve it. Magnesium is required by the body in order to relax muscles, so it makes sense.

  3. I forgot to mention the main benefit I have noted from magnesium: It will alleviate restless leg syndrome. There’s that muscle relaxation thing again. Not only has this worked for me, but also for others to whom I have recommended it. One person had restless legs (and sleepless nights) for 19 years and she was free of it in 2 days. It worked very quickly for me also–one or two days. I guess it’s that muscle relaxation thing again. At that time I was taking a form of it called magnesium malate. Soaking in a tub with epsom salts would probably work really well for restless legs too.

  4. i read somewhere that if a person has kidney issues to not do the epsom bath. why is that?

  5. Thank you for this info. I also like the fact that this Epsom salt is used as a bath salt with essential oils too! I like to add fragrance that also relaxes the body and mind like lavender or red rose! Jasmine and musk! Adding your favorite essential oils with the Epsom salt creates such a higher level of relaxation. Just a few candles too and you have spa time that we all need once in a while!

  6. They injected it into my IV when I was in labor with my first child. I had preeclampsia, and magnesium sulfate is necessary in these cases to prevent kidney failure. Made me feel like I was on fire from the inside out!

  7. Does Epsom Salt cause a problem with septic tanks? I was telling a woman about Epsom Salts and her husband said she couldn’t take Epsom Salt baths because they have a septic tank.

  8. Finally somewhere where it says to use on sunburn. I happened on this by accident. After shaving my legs I had bad razor burn so I added some epsom salts to see if it would help and it did amazingly. Sometime after that I got a grease burn while cooking and immediately reached for epsom salts and applied a compress to my burns. I have no scars from that burn today! This stuff is great!

  9. I do not know if it was the humidity or if all the grocery stores in the town I live in received bad potatoes but everyone I spoke with including store managers were having their potatoes go bad two to three days after buying them. Refrigeration did not help. So I decided to conduct an experiment. I dumped them out of the bag and dried them. I then made Epsom salts bundles with cheese cloth. I would put down a layer of potatoes in a basket and top with a couple of bundles , add another layer and more bundles. Works like a charm. (:

  10. People need to clean out there liver twice a year.
    But first u need to do Kidney cleanse.
    1/2 cup dried hydrangea root:prevent formation of bladder stones,
    1/2 cup gravel: gravel in the bladder.
    1/2 cup marshmallow root: slow painful discharge urine
    .4 bunches of fresh parsley: stone and gravel,liver and spleen and gallstones.
    ginger capsules:
    uva ursi capsules: kidney& bladder trouble.
    vegetable glycerin,
    black cherry concentrate, 8 oz
    vitamin B6 250 mg kidney stones,
    magnesium oxide tablets, 300 mg strong bone.
    Measure 1/4 cup of each root and set them to soak, together in 10 cups of cold tap water, using a non-metalcontainer and anon metal lid a dinner plant will work, after 4 hours or over night add 8 oz. black cherry concentrate, heat to boiling and simmer for 20 minutes. Drink 1/4 cup as soon as it is cool.pour the rest throgh a coffee filter into a sterile pint jar glass andfreezable containers r efrigerate the jar.
    Boil the fresh parley, after rinsing, in 1 qt of water for 3 minute. drink 1/4 cup refrigerate a pint and freeze 1 pint. throw away parsley.
    Dose: each morning, pour togerter 3/4 cup of root mixture and 1/2 cup parsley water, filling a large mug 1 TB glycerin. drink this mixture divided doses throughout the day. keep cold. DO NOT DRINK IT ALL AT ONCE. save the roots after the first boiling storing them in the freezer. after 13 days when your supply runs low, boil the same roots a second time, but add only 6 cups water and simmer only 10 minutes. gthis will last another 8 days, for a tolal of 3 weeks. You need to do this for 6 weeks to get good results,
    ginger capsules, one with each meal (3/days.
    Uva Ursi capsules, 1 with breakfast and 2 with supper.
    Vitamin B6 9250mg) 1 a day
    Magnesium oxide (300 mg) 1 a day
    take these supplements just before your meal to avoid burping.
    Reheat it to boiling every fourth day if it is beingstored in the refrigerator.
    WHAT MAKES STONE thken daily, can prevent oxalate stones from forming, but only if you stop drinking tea. Tea has 15.6 mg oxalicacid per cup. A tall glass of iced tea could give you over 20 mg oxalic acid. switch to herd teas.cocoa and chocolate, phosphate crystals are made when you eat too much phosphate.
    Happy cleaning. Then after you do this it will be liver time to clean out those stones. sorry it was so long.

  11. 4-21-14
    I enjoy your daily email and website very much. I’d like to know if you think using magnesium in the bath is contraindicated for people with Kidney Disease, or know of a website which might have this info.I’ll only have my Android computer for about a week longer unfortunately,so I have to ask you to respond ASAP.
    Sue Ramsey

  12. Could you please tell me if Epsom salt is the same as the salt that is used in ornamental fish ponds? I’d use because of it being cheaper but, I don’t want to kill my fish or pond plants.

  13. I’ve heard that that Epsom salts are good for tomatoes. Do you know anything about?
    Thanks for all you put into your website.

  14. For arthritis in my hands I have used 8 teaspoons of Epsom Salts in one liter of filtered water (boiled water when cooled down can be used) Shake it up and take one Tablespoon of this liquid every morning on an empty tummy. It is too mild so will not give you gastro/runny tummy. I have been off meds for 4 years and FREE from arthritis in my hands. Check with your Doctor first if you have any medical problems.
    Frances from Sunny South Africa

  15. I sprinkle Epsom Salt around my lemon tree and then water it or make a solution of 1 cup of Epsom Salts in a 5 liter bucket of water and pour around the tree or can be used for tomatoes, flowers and any veggies.
    Regards Frances from Sunny South Africa

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